Laiterie Chagnon uses a traditional milk pasteurization process. Unlike the ultrafiltration process, the goal of traditional methods is to preserve the highest possible quantity of whole dairy and enzymes – healthy and living organisms found naturally in milk – so you can enjoy their full range of health benefits.

Furthermore, cow milk’s protein composition varies according to the season, climate, and what they are fed. We do not alter the milk’s composition; therefore, we do not standardize the naturally occurring proteins found in milk at the legal minimum.

This is the reason why we call our milk a whole dairy milk.

If storage temperatures are respected shelf life of complete milk is 24 days.

Milk should be stored between 2 °C and 4 °C from the dairy to the supermarket and in your fridge.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep your milk on a shelf in your fridge rather than on the door or in a drawer; it will be less exposed to changes in temperature.

  • It is recommended to consume milk within seven (7) days of opening to enjoy it at maximum freshness.

  • Milk can lose its freshness after 20 minutes of being exposed to ambient temperature.


Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, oats and rye. Since we do not use these ingredients in our ice creams or frozen yogourts (except for Chocolate Fudge flavour) they are naturally gluten-free.

Our factory has been nut-free for the last 10 years and each batch of ice cream and frozen yogourt is tested. It is prohibited for employees to consume nut products in our factory. Furthermore, we regularly verify the nut-free certification of our suppliers.

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